Helps MASA members realize larger cost savings.

MASA Purchasing Alliance

Welcome to the Purchasing Alliance!
In 2012, several MASA volunteers banded together to create a committee with the mission in mind to help MASA members realize larger cost savings by leveraging the buying power of our organization. Today, that committee has grown into the MASA Purchasing Alliance and includes GPO partner Intalere and multiple Michigan surgery centers.

The mission remains the same:
To help MASA members realize larger cost savings by exercising the buying power of our membership.

Our objectives:
  • To offer our membership worthwhile savings opportunities
  • To establish regional and custom contracting for our members
  • To provide value added analytical support
  • To further the mission of the MASA organization
  • To that purpose, the MASA PA re-aligned with Intalere in 2014 to help us achieve our mission and objectives and make participation into the Alliance simplistic enough that all members of MASA would be able to join.
New to our renewed engagement:
  • All MASA members are eligible for Intalere’s IKOINM Alliance membership at the Affiliate level.  The IKOINM Alliance is comprised of healthcare facilities in the Midwest with the intent to leverage volume to negotiate greater savings. The MASA PA has two members on the IKOINM Board to represent the interests of the MASA association.  MASA members also have the opportunity to participate in IKOINM at the Associate or Charter levels which allow the additional advantage of shareback (revenue) for your facility.
  • Enhanced Marketing Fee tier levels built into the new Participation and Marketing Agreement.  Intalere shares a portion of the revenue generated from the contracts accessed by MASA/Intalere members in the form of a Marketing Fee.  The Marketing Fee earned by MASA in 2013 was $8,380.00. Under the new 2014 agreement MASA PA participation has increased to 27 facilities and the 2016 Marketing Fee earned by MASA was $16,576.06!  Total estimated savings for the 27 MASA PA members were $1,846,721.  Please take a moment to review your current spend to identify any potential Intalere contracting opportunities.